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SALE! 18" Prestige DX A+4 Jump saddle w/Flocked Panels

SKU 43833
$3,300.00  $2,760.00 On Sale!You Save
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Prestige DX A+4 w/Flocked Panels 18/34 Black

A single-flap saddle designed to enable better contact and to optimally position the rider’s legs. The seat is extremely soft and broad in the central area, providing improved contact even in a suspended position. Its broad panels are excellent for the horse and are available both in enhanced thickness and half-thickness versions to ensure better suitability to differing conformations. Weight: kg 4.6. The saddle is fully lined with new oiled and water-resistant leather and is remarkable for offering the softness normally associated with calfskin combined 

PLEASE NOTE: Only this saddle with these options available for sale price. Tree can be adjusted at no additional charge.

Size: 18/34

Color: Black

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