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SALE! 18" Prestige X-Breath D A + 2 Flocked Panels Jumping Saddle Tobacco

SKU 43829
$3,570.00  $2,995.00 On Sale!You Save
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Saddle color is TOBACCO not black as shown in pictures

For the first-time Prestige presents an ultralight saddle, its “X-Breath”. 

An oval hole located in the center of the seat and has a dual function:

a ventilation function for better air circulation, so cooling both horse and rider

a therapeutic function, in that the anatomically shaped hole relieves pressure on the coccyx

The hole is covered by a special ultra-elastic honeycomb material that increases the comfort of the seat.

There are also holes and apertures on the saddle flaps and underflaps, intended for greater lightness and for improved ventilation. The saddle has new ultralight panels devised applying X-Technology.

The stuffed panels are replaced by new panels made of the same synthetic material, used as stuffing, and by a new honeycomb material that is highly elastic and takes over from felt and foamed material. The effect obtained is an appreciable reduction in the thickness of the panels. At the same time stability is retained and the comfort felt by the horse along its back.

Size: 18/33
Color: Tobacco

New saddle warranty 
2 years free tree adjustments 
All saddles are final sale
PLEASE NOTE: Only this saddle with these options available for sale price. Tree can be adjusted at no additional charge.
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