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LeTek PLUS Dressage Saddle by TeknaŽ
LeTek Plus combines the softness of leather with the durability and low maintenance of synthetic material. The saddle is a traditional leather product, with the exception of the sweat flaps and panels. These areas that touch the horse are made of Quik-Clean(TM) for ease of use. The latex/wool flocking eliminates lumps and bumps, and can still be reflocked in the traditional manner for a customized fit to your horse. Comes with a medium gullet plate installed and gullet plate sizes Narrow, Medium, Medium/Wide, Wide, and Extra Wide are available for purchase (All Purpose/Dressage Gullet Plate…
SKU 469972Our Price $1,295.00 $629.37 On Sale!
Promo Tekna Baseball CapSKU 467689Our Price $0.00
TeknaŽ Quik-Change™ Gullet Plates- Close Contact
Gullet plates for the TeknaŽ LeTek Jumping and S-Line Jump Saddles.
SKU 469974Our Price $29.95 $13.48 On Sale!
468522TeknaŽ Quik-Change™ Gullet Plates- Club
Gullet plates for the TeknaŽ Jumping and Club Saddles
SKU 468522Our Price $32.95 $14.83 On Sale!
467692blackTeknaŽ VelcroŽ Fetlock Boots
Ultra easy care without sacrificing appearance!

ˇ Neoprene-lined
ˇ Double hook VelcroŽ closure
ˇ Quik-Clean™ shell for easy care
SKU 467692Our Price $61.95 $25.09 On Sale!
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