Arena Dressage Markers SET4SKU 471092Our Price $24.95 $19.80 On Sale!
ATS Drop Nose Dressage BridleSKU 470919Our Price $159.95
Camelot™ Covered Stirrup Leathers- Dressage
Wrapped stirrup leathers with 1/2" hole spacing.
SKU 470285Our Price $82.95
468400Camelot™ Dressage Bridle with Anti-Slip Reins
Best value for the money in a practical and durable dressage bridle with black leather lining, anti-slip web reins with buckle ends.
SKU 468400Our Price $82.95
Camelot® Gold RCS™ Snaffle Dressage Bridle with Crank Flash Noseband and Reins
The Recessed Crown System™ is designed to alleviate unwanted pressure on the sensitive poll area of the horse. The RCS™ design allows the cavesson strap to pass over the crown in a recessed channel with only soft padding touching the horse. The Snaffle Dressage Bridle with Crank Flash Noseband is crafted in premium full grain imported leather and features shaped 7/8" padded browband and 1 1/4" padded crank noseband. Includes 5/8" x 54" anti-slip reins with hook stud ends.
SKU 470336Our Price $144.95
469575Carbon Shaft Dressage Whip
Genuine carbon shaft with golf grip handle. 39"
SKU 469575Our Price $32.95
CATAGO® Diamond Dressage Saddle Pad
CATAGO® Diamond is the official saddle pad of the Danish National teams.
Elegant and timeless diamond quilted saddle pad in a strong and dirt repellent fabric of the highest quality. The fabric keeps both color and shape. It has an elegant double braided piping and Velcro® on all straps. The Diamond Saddle Pads have our popular IQ Comfort lining which transports excess heat and sweat away from the horse, and is very soft and comfortable. Material: 100% Polyester
23.5” Spine x 21.5” Drop
SKU 470634Our Price $99.95
468512- Black front insideCentaur® Classic Dressage Boots- Set of 4
Pliable padded vinyl boots with rigid protection plates where they are needed most - the ankle and tendon area. Strong hook & loop tabs keep the boots secure.
SKU 468512Our Price $139.95
Centaur® Dressage 420D Saddle Cover
This new 420 denier saddle cover is waterproof and breathable, lined with fleece, and fits all sizes of dressage saddles
SKU 470520Our Price $24.95
Centaur® Dressage Fleece Saddle Cover
Plush non-pill fleece keeps the dust off while allowing breathability. Fits dressage saddles.
SKU 470519Our Price $24.95
468266 Black-BlackCentaur® Imperial Dressage Pad
This basic pad has 1" square quilting, coordinating trim, cotton shell and lining, and 15 mm foam fill. Dimensions: 25 3/4" Wide x 22 1/4" Spine x 20 1/2" Deep
SKU 468266Our Price $40.95
Centaur® Imperial Dressage Pad- XL
This basic pad has 1" square quilting, coordinating trim, cotton shell and lining, and 15 mm foam fill. Dimensions: 25" Spine x 23" Deep
SKU 470312Our Price $44.95
467497Centaur® Professional Dressage Pad
Contoured to fit the straight flap of a dressage saddle. Features coordinating trim and piping, 1" square quilting, cotton shell and lining with 1200 gram felt filling. , Dimensions: 27 1/4" Wide x 25" Spine x 22 1/2" Deep
SKU 467497Our Price $62.95
468628Centaur® Rubber Coated Dressage Spurs
Rubber sides do not mar or scuff your boots.
SKU 468628Our Price $42.95
Centaur® Sovereign Dressage Pad
Helix swirl quilting. Cotton shell and lining with 300 gram polyester and 15mm foam fill. Coordinating trim and rope. Dimensions: 24 3/4" Wide x 23" Spine x 19 1/4" Deep
SKU 467496Our Price $60.95
401805Centaur® Warendorfer Dressage Spur Flat
#1 selling dressage spur in Germany. Lost wax cast and hand polished from the highest grade of 18/8 Stainless Steel. Lifetime guarantee against rust.
SKU 401805Our Price $48.95
401819Centaur® Warendorfer Dressage Spur with Rounded Sides
Rounded sides finish off this German classic. Lost wax cast and hand polished from the highest grade of 18/8 Stainless Steel. Lifetime guarantee against rust.
SKU 401819Our Price $49.95
County Sparkle Dressage Whip
Fun colors with metallic sparkles on the shaft give a glittery touch. Black rubber grip handle. Made in England. County of England offers the finest collection of traditionally made whips, crops and bats that provide ideal balance and durability. Poppers stay secure, and handles and trim details are made to last.
SKU 467311Our Price $34.95
Deluxe Dressage GirthSKU 940048Our Price $159.95
467869Dressage Markers- Set of 4
Elegant metal frames hold dressage letters R-S-V-P. Use with the Set of 8 dressage markers (467870) to make a large dressage arena.
SKU 467869Our Price $64.95 $55.80 On Sale!
467870Dressage Markers- Set of 8
Elegant metal frames hold dressage letters A-K-E-H-C-M-B-F for small dressage arena.
SKU 467870Our Price $124.95 $109.80 On Sale!
Dressage Short Tail CoatSKU 471336Our Price $154.95
Elegance Velvet Dressage PadSKU 471254Our Price $69.95
Equistar Bling Dressage WhipSKU 471141Our Price $24.95
467337EquiStar™ Classic Dressage Whip
Elegant show arena-ready style at an affordable price.
SKU 467337Our Price $20.95
460561EquiStar™ Elan Dressage Whip
Graphite colored shaft with nickel colored end cap and ferrule. Rubberized non-slip handle
SKU 460561Our Price $20.95
460562EquiStar™ Elan Dressage Whip
Graphite colored shaft with nickel colored end cap and ferrule. Rubberized non-slip handle
SKU 460562Our Price $18.95
EquiStar™ Elan II Dressage Whip
Thread covered shaft with nickel colored end cap and ferrule. Rubberized non-slip handle
SKU 460559Our Price $19.95
460560EquiStar™ Elan II Dressage Whip
Thread covered shaft with nickel colored end cap and ferrule. Rubberized non-slip handle
SKU 460560Our Price $18.95
EquiStar™ Glitter Handle Dressage Whip
A subtle touch of glitter on the handle and down the shaft.
SKU 467322Our Price $17.95
469904EquiStar™ Soft Grip Dressage Whip
Fun, subtle patterned dressage whip with soft touch grip for the ultimate in comfort. 42" length.
SKU 469904Our Price $24.95
Europa EURO Hi Wither DressageSKU 471129Our Price $64.95
FIR-TECH Dressage BootsSKU 471035Our Price $104.95 Select Models On Sale for only $91.80!
FIR-TECH Dressage Saddle PadSKU 471026Our Price $124.95
471310-BrownieFIR-Tech Elegant Dressage PadSKU 471310Our Price $144.95
471275-blackFIR-TECH Elegant Dressage PadSKU 471275Our Price $139.95
457771German Silver Dressage Eggbutt Bradoon
15 mm mouth. This copper enhanced German silver bit stimulates salivation and helps prevent dry mouth, yet it has the same appearance as traditional German Silver.
SKU 457771Our Price $74.95
Mountain Horse® Serenade Dressage Boot
Elegance combined with the finest selected leather to create a beautiful, elite dressage boot.

Material: Full grain leather.
Lining: Smooth full grain leather.
Complimentary Mountain Horse® inflatable boot trees and boot bag included in box.

Strong and durable full length YKK® Vislon zipper that is forward placed for uninterrupted leg contact
- Snap zipper keeper at top of boot
- Soft premium selected genuine leather lining
- Spanish cut top
- Ergonomically-designed removable ShockX™ Advanced insole
- Exceptional High-Density™ outsole with grip responsive ripple zones for increased performance
- Integrated tempered steel shank for improved stability while riding and walking
SKU 307127Our Price $499.95
OV Salinero II DressageSKU 490017Our Price $2,795.00 $1,537.25 On Sale!
402014Ovation® Airform Chafeless Dressage Girth
The award winning Ovation(R) Airform Chafeless Dressage Girth is horse and user friendly. Cushioned and textured for air flow, it stays incredibly soft no matter how much use it gets. Can be sponged clean in seconds. Hypo-allergenic. Made with stainless steel roller buckles to extend the use of the girth straps and your hands. Keeps hold the dressage girth neatly in place. Features elastic at both ends.
SKU 402014Our Price $60.95
469580Ovation® Airform Humane Dressage Girth
Our award winning Airform girth with a pressure equalizing V-shape buckle system. Cushioned and textured for air flow, it stays incredibly soft no matter how much use it gets. Can be sponged clean in seconds. Hypo-allergenic. Made with stainless steel roller buckles with elastic on both ends to allow easy full adjustment and reduce pressure as your horse moves.
SKU 469580Our Price $62.95
464189Ovation® Body Form Gel Dressage Girth
Contoured shape for extra elbow room. Gel lined for comfort and elastic at both ends with Stainless buckles.
SKU 464189Our Price $52.95
Ovation® Comfort Dressage Girth
Black padded harness leather, triple elastic on both ends, stainless steel D rings and stainless steel roller buckles.
SKU 467002Our Price $160.95 Select Models On Sale for only $142.20!
470052-Black_WhiteOvation® Coolmax® Diamond Dressage Pad
1 1/2” Diamond quilting. Cotton Shell with 15 mm foam and 300g fiber fill with Coolmax® lining. 23” S x 22” D
SKU 470052Our Price $64.95
470054Ovation® Coolmax® Equalizer Dressage Girth
Allow more comfortable freedom of movement with the new Coolmax® Shaped Equalizer Girth. Lined with soft synthetic fleece, these girths are contoured as to not interfere with the horse's elbow during work. The double elastic at both ends distributes pressure evenly, while Coolmax(R) wicks and transports moisture away throughout your ride. With Stainless steel buckles.
SKU 470054Our Price $84.95
Ovation® Coolmax® Humane Dressage Girth
Lined with soft synthetic fleece, with Coolmax® that wicks and transports moisture away throughout your ride. With stainless steel buckles and elastic V-system at both ends.
SKU 470307Our Price $84.95
467777Ovation® Dressage Cones- Set of 8
(A, B, C, E, F, H, K, M) Easy to use markers to mark a small dressage arena. Large black letter stand out against white cones. Purchase the add-on Set of 4 to make it a complete set for a large arena.
SKU 467777Our Price $74.95 $64.80 On Sale!
400918Ovation® Dressage Equalizer Girth
The Ovation® Dressage Equalizer Girth is still the most comfortable girth on the market. This nylon girth is lined with soft OV-Synthetic Fleece for comfort and easy wash-ability. Features elastic and stainless steel buckles at both ends.
SKU 400918Our Price $67.95
467205Ovation® Dressage Snaffle Rein w- Buckle Ends
Expertly crafted from England's finest leather.
SKU 467205Our Price $84.95
466992Ovation® Dry-Tex Dressage Stock Tie
The moisture-wicking power of Dry-Tex now in a stock tie. Ready tied.
SKU 466992Our Price $30.95
465120Ovation® Dry-Tex® Dressage Equalizer Girth
Now you can have the moisture wicking performance in a girthI Dry-Tex lining assures the most comfortable girth ever. Web girth has fleece lining with Dry-Tex center, and elastic with stainless steel buckles at both ends.
SKU 465120Our Price $79.95
Ovation® Europa™ Shaped High Wither Dressage Girth
The luxurious comfort of high-quality sheepskin, now available in girths! Sheepskin not only provides superior cushioning, but it also absorbs moisture and wicks it away from the skin. Specialized curved shape to accomodate horses with high withers and a forward girth groove. Features elastic at both ends with Stainless Steel buckles.
SKU 470218Our Price $144.95
Ovation® Europa™ Sheepskin 6-Shim Dressage Pad
Plush premium sheepskin is used to make the Ovation® Europa™ Sheepskin pads comfortable and luxurious. The 6-Shim Dressage Pad features a solid spine, rolled wither, and 3 shim pockets on both sides for greater fit customization. Inlcudes 1 6-piece set of Memory Foam Shims.
SKU 470214Our Price $216.95
475068Ovation® Juliana Traditional Flash Dressage Bridle
The ultimate in comfort in this hand finished Italian leather features Ovation®'s exclusive "Comfort Crown". This snaffle bridle is padded and comes with a flash and 5/8" rubberized reins.
SKU 475068Our Price $194.95
400963Ovation® Trevira™ Braided- 14 Cord Girth
The" Original" Soft and comfortable acrylic Trevira™ with billet keepers on dressage models. Stainless steel roller buckles. Washable.
SKU 400963Our Price $49.95
468432Ovation® Wall-Mount Dressage Markers
Durable dressage markers are pre-drilled to make wall-mounting easy. Comes in the Small Ring set of 8: A-K-E-H-C-M-B-F
SKU 468432Our Price $39.95 $36.00 On Sale!
468000PDS - X-Change System Plate
The PDS saddles are available with the new interchangeable gullet plate X-Change® system. The rider can modify the width of the tree using any of our interchangeable gullet plates with on a screwdriver. Plates fit all PDS XCH™ saddles and Ovation® Dressage XCH™ saddles.
SKU 468000Our Price $57.95
Pro-Mesh Dressage GirthSKU 471162Our Price $109.95
Replacement Pad Dressage SlopeSKU 471253Our Price $134.95
RGS CRK Flash Dressage BridleSKU 470946Our Price $154.95
468792Romfh® Bling Dressage Vest
The Romfh® Bling Dressage Vest is perfect for Dressage Queens when the coats are waived and you want a pulled-together show look (without the muffin top)! Romfh takes the Bling trend and makes it beautiful with Black on Black authentic Swarovski® crystals on the collar and pockets of this slenderizing show vest. This will work perfectly with your Romfh Chill-factor(TM) Show Shirts.
SKU 468792Our Price $229.95
Romfh® Sarafina Full Seat Breeches
The Romfh® Sarafina Full Seat Breech is a breech fit for a (dressage) queen. The fit of this comfy mid-rise breech is outstanding. Flattering contoured waistband, strategically placed back yoke, and wide non-binding fit allows your waist, hip, and other assets to look their best! Features Softtouch™ micro-PU fabric for the softest, most comfortable technical breech in the marketplace and our first breech with vertical stretch suede- Just like the European brands. Machine wash.
SKU 468454Our Price $204.95 Select Models On Sale for only $181.80!
469883-BlackRomfh® Silk Shell Bling Dressage Shadbelly
Slenderizing and striking, this Dressage shadbelly has authentic Swarovski® crystals on the collar and handkerchief pocket for subtle sparkle. The points are reversible, with one side being classic canary and the other a refined paisley embossed tone-on-tone. Features hidden vented under sleeves for extra breathability, and lined and weighted tails. Remove points before laundering. Stretch nylon blend.
SKU 469883Our Price $349.95
400767Saddle Soap w-Applicator
This genuine saddle soap is made from a unique formula that works best on European leather dressage saddles. Made in Germany. Includes applicator.
SKU 400767Our Price $18.95
457206Stubbs Medium Wall Mount Saddle Rack
Genuine Stubbs - Made in England for the ultimate in durability and strength. Fits all purpose and dressage saddles.
*Oversized items will incur additional shipping charges.
SKU 457206Our Price $32.95
Venice Dressage PLUSSKU 471120Our Price $599.95
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