How We Came To Make A Site That Does Donations

The 20cents.org story

Somebody asked how I got the idea for 20Cents.org?  I have had a good life, with the normal ups and downs.  I am blessed with a good wife, who is tolerant of most of my idiosyncrasies, and three wonderful children who have grown up in upstanding young adults.

I noticed a few years back, when one of my children was in middle school fundraising, that in addition to the t-shirts, candy bars etc. they were selling, we could purchase from a catalog and 5 percent would go to the organization.  More recently, a customer mentioned that she always uses and on-line service and selects donate to charity.  She realized that after spending several thousand dollars over the last few years that only about $43 went to charity.

So I decided to figure out a way that people could purchase things they would buy anyhow and give substantially to charity.  And at the same time, avoid the paperwork. So here is 20Cents.Org

In a normal business, the profit runs about 10 percent after everything.  Another 10 percent goes to the cost of handling returns and exchanges.  So I realized if I gave up the 10 percent profit, and customers would give up the right to make returns or exchanges (except for defective items) we could donate 20 percent!   That would add up to real money!

Here are some answers to the most common questions:

Is 20Cents.org a non-profit or a for profit business?

20Cents.Org is a for profit business. I do not expect it to make a lot of money, but as long as it can cover its costs and do good things for the community I will be satisfied.

What are your terms of sale?

All sales are final. If something does not work out for you re-sell or pay it forward and donate it!

What if I receive a defective item?

If you receive a defective item you can return it to the manufacturer for a replacement in the identical size and color. If you receive a defective sale item, it will be replaced by the manufacturer with the most similar item available in the same size and color.

What if I order made-to-my-order boots, which may have a fit issue?

They will be exchanged for your size in the same model and color of boots.


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